UPS-FedEx EV Delivery Vehicle Woes

battery shortages that are limiting EV supplies and keeping prices high, and by startup electric van makers that are running out of money and shutting down.

“The question is how many of those (companies) will be here in five years, 10 years?” Luke Wake, UPS’s vice president of fleet maintenance and engineering, told Reuters.

Meanwhile, delivery rival already has over 10,000 smaller electric cargo vans from Rivian across the U.S. and Europe — still a tiny fraction of the broader cargo van market.

UPS and FedEx say electric step vans are hard to find.

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I question that. Everything I have read from the solar companies and EV companies battery prices are coming down due to a glut.

**According to Goldman Sachs Research, battery prices are expected to decline by nearly 40% between 2023 and 2025. reports that the average price of a BESS 20-foot DC container in the US is expected to fall to $148/kWh in 2024, down from $180/kWh in 2023.

EV Battery Prices Dropping A Lot This Year & Next - CleanTechnica.


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