Upside potential

An article I found interesting written by an investing columnist (take for what it’s worth).…

The criteria for making the list was:

Using data supplied by FactSet, we began with the S&P 1500 composite index and identified 481 companies whose stocks were down at least 20% (with dividends reinvested) for the past 12 months, through Monday.

We then narrowed the list to 89 for which at least 75% of analysts had “buy,” or equivalent, ratings. We pared that list of 89 further to 66 companies with at least five analysts rating the shares “buy.”

Here are the 20 remaining companies with the most implied upside potential, based on consensus 12-month price targets:

There are 2 current or recent “Saul stocks”:

BOFI at #1 with a 98% implied upside potential
SNCR at #7 with a 68% implied upside potential

Confirmation bias is nice to hear, sometime.