UPST decline

This article is asserting that because Zillow crashed and burned with their AI platform (so that they closed an entire division), that UPST is being called into question by some (though not this author).

I’m not sure I buy that, but I present the article for information.…

Unless there is a surprise in the numbers (always possible), I don’t see a change in the UPST bull argument. I won’t repost the numbers that so many others have already posted, but IMO they are compelling. It will be interesting to see the new numbers today.

1poorguy (long UPST, relatively small position)

Misleading title and silly article… Zillow’s failure doesn’t imply that AI as a tool is questionable. There is no content here.


Dang man…

I thought you were talking about today’s earnings…

Haven’t checked, but very misleading…


Zillow’s failure doesn’t imply that AI as a tool is questionable.

I agree (and so did the author). But that doesn’t mean lots of other people/analysts/investors see it that way. The sector in which I work, we often are influenced by the performance of other companies (usually bigger) even though we don’t really compete head to head. Different products, different markets. People tend to lump them together anyway.

In the end, the numbers tell the story, and hopefully this dip today will be seen as unwarranted.

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I too wonder what value an article like this brings. Let’s not add to the discussion on this.

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