I have the cleaning ladies coming every 3 weeks starting today–instead of once a month (due to peeing here & there), so I had to take the hubster out for a couple of hours. We got early takeout lunch and ate on a bench in a town park by a tidal creek. Then I re-upped my county park pass in person at another park.

I took the hubster to 3 places to pee (Whole Foods–where we got takeout, the town park, and the county park). He wouldn’t pee anywhere. Nor would he pee in either bathroom when we got home–and I stopped him from peeing in the kitchen twice. He ended up in the guest bath peeing his pants and the guest bath toilet lid, mat, and floor. But not wetting his Depends! Within an hour of cleaning ladies leaving :frowning:

It took a while, but he finally helped me remove his wet jeans (freshly washed yesterday :frowning: Luckily he was fine about putting on pj bottoms–so if he doesn;t wet them, he’s ready for bed! On top of what else I do, I now need to feel his pants/pj bottoms often through the day.

He just dozed off–first/only nap of the day.
Sleepwise, he’s napping less and sleeping mroe at night, but not at a useful time. He’s been staying asleep without getting up from ~5:30-11:30pm. Then he’s up to pee ~2 and again ~4:30. Often he’s up for the day at that point. I might be awake but I avoid getting out of bed before 6:30.

My aide’s daughter is gonna take the hubster off my hands 2 mornings a week (if she can take it-) as well as the one day my current aide does, so that gives me 3 mornings off.

dementia caregiving–not for the faint-hearted.


Sounds like two steps forward and two steps back. But at least there’s a bit of time while the steps are forward.


Last OT visit was this morning. The therapist moonlights on Saturday mornings for $25/hr caregiving. If I hadn’t just arranged Fridays w/Krystal, I would’ve signed right up. The hubster likes her–me, too. She’s even a fellow NYer from Long Island :wink: But even the 2 of us couldn’t get him to change into his day clothes this morning. He did brush his own teeth and comb his own hair (still playing with his comb), and I managed to wash his face, neck, hands, and armpits, so that’s something.