Village Farms!!

Mainly to Chris and others that hold this Stock…was originally halted for a few weeks to sort out some trading requirements but just saw flashed up on my screen, its VFF now and last price just under $14.00.(unless my sight playing up on me) You still holding Chris from around $1.00? Your wish of $40.00 still on the cards…

p.s. who ever suggested stitchfix(sfix) last year(not a Company well followed here) congrats…


I am holding a small amount. At 13 a share is represents 6 percent of the portfolio that it is in. (I have two “Saul” ports but probably should fold them into one, but this port is less displined and holds odd things like CDW and Village Farms)

As of last year, I haven’t listened to the latest conference call, my price target based on the managements expectations is 40 a share.

This can change based on wholesale prices in Canada and the prospect of legalization in the United States. (Not on the horizon at this time)

I suspect that the next earning report will give an entry, it may be a very brief window. I hope I do not miss it as I may add on a AI driven drop.


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Thanks I think quaz got me interested in VFF 18 months back. Started buying near $6/$7 but averaged down as the stock tanked over the year. Not a Saul Saas stock – but sort of like former Saul pick LGIH in that its a business plan a mortal like me can understand. Just needs management to execute now that some regulatory risk is behind them. And comparing valuation to other MJ stocks (which I do think looks like a bubble) - We may get some froth on this if we’re lucky. Not a prediction but $40 could happen to bring it somewhat in line with peers. TLRY went way beyond that valuation for a very short time too before crashing back to just the statosphere.

“was originally halted for a few weeks to sort out some trading requirements”

It always traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) but like other companies in the space, it also traded on Nasdaq.

Shopify does the same thing.


Correct David…but this is what I was referring to…