Visualising growth rates and valuations…

Been playing around with my spreadsheet today and although I’m unsure that this tells us anything new, I’ve found it a useful way to look at tradeoffs with Forward EV/S and growth rates.

data sourced from here…


and one for non GAAP op margins vs Growth rates…


Thanks tchalla,

Good for us “visual” learners.

Owner of many of these but trimmed some in the upper right corner Friday - just to de risk.
Who also jumped out of NEWR last week & ESTC earlier this week to add back MDB after selling plus new ZUO position.

tchalla -

Thanks. These are excellent. Will they update automatically or periodically if we save the link?

They update automatically as long as the original spreadsheet data is updated.

The LTM growth rate, non GAAP op margins, gross margins etc are manually entered from the quarterly reports.

Im happy to try to maintain it myself but anyone willing happy to help maintain the spreadsheet is welcome to ping me off board and I’ll add you as an editor. You’ll need a Google account I think.

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This is great stuff! If you don’t mind I would like to suggest a couple of other subjective questions. How about the stickiness of the products? Is there a viable alternative? Is the product a newly created area? Maybe these go under the category of disrupter, but they can be part of that perhaps.

Mark (first little post on the board).

P.S. I received the sheet in my email box from Rusty. Don’t know why?