Warriors Win the NBA West!

Final Warriors - WIN!!
MAV - 110 @ GSW - 120

Kerr and Stef are the extent of my Warrior knowledge, and that only because most of my family has migrated north to the bay area.

So I’ve watched a few Warriors games with them.

I did see Eric Clapton play at their new arena when it first opened… Nice venue.

We’re here in the SF Bay Area, Sonoma County, so have followed the Warriors quite a while, along with our Giants, Athletics, Sharks a little… In any case the Warrior players are all so savvy, well spoken, Green’s controlled temper as well as Stef’s whole package, family are all awesome folks… Glad to see them continuing to play with all their hearts…

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I’m a baseball fan… True Blue so I can’t help but follow the Giants too.

Being exactly halfway between LA and SF, DW wears orange and I wear blue at Oracle, but we both wear blue at Chavez Ravine.

Proud to note that both Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and Coach Kerr made strong statements about the Uvalde masssacre.

All that said, Go Celts!

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