Weak footing or nothing-burger?

On day Nasdaq up 2.9%, these four stocks were all up less:

You can throw TTD in the mix, along with ROKU.

With exception of ROKU, all are still fairly expensive stocks.
Ignore the amount they are off from ATH’s…just speaking to valuation. They deserve a premium, but perhaps not that wide a premium.

ZS and S (more obviously in security focus, perhaps) bucked the trend and were higher, yet still richly valued.

NVDA is a monster and still richly valued despite the great profitability and TAM. (still a double since Oct 2020 to Mar 2021 plateau.)

Don’t know what it means.
But when the crappier stocks are all up more, it feels like a fake rally, you know what I mean?

STEM, SNAP, ZM, ESTC, BFLY, REAL, APPH, DLO, LSPD, RDW, AMC, TDOC…all up bigger than those initial four. Make sense?



.all up bigger than those initial four. Make sense?

Maybe. Probably.

If you pull up a 6-month (or, if you are so inclined, a custom time period from that last glorious day, November 8)… o.k., I did the hard work for y’all. DDOG is down about 35%. GLBE is down 50%, MNDY down 65%, AFRM 80%. And, those stocks you picked… c’mon, man! Let me check a few., STEM down 70%, SNAP down 45%, ZM down 60+%, ESTC down 60%. It is as though DDOG is on a stronger spring.

well, as you said, crappier stocks, so I can’t criticize your choices. Yep, o.k., could say fake rally. It is just a risk on rally and no reason to think it won’t evaporate tomorrow. I’m thinking that I could’a-should’a taken profit on my $88.88 shares of UPST. My excuse is daylight savings time. After hours ends an hour earlier for me and I didn’t get my stuff together in time. Anyway, I always fight the greed vs. fear battle. Particularly when I don’t have my full targeted position. FOMO. It’s going to the moon.

Another nice day here. Headed into the dry season. Gets nasty hot and dry here in April, but nice now.



Dreamer, what are you up to today?

Man, I’m torn on UPST. It was sub-$90 and then $150 and then sub-$90 and I have that $88/share batch. Take the profit? Then if it continues up… But when to take profit. But then sub-$90 again…

This is tuff.

Sorry guys n girls. Nothing valuable to share. Tired.


I have no crystal ball. Just an internet-guy-hunch that it almost doesn’t matter what Fed does/says this afternoon, but it may reverse the early big gains.

Or it could continue the rocket.

But what is realistic and sustainable?
Can’t we just have a 50%+ growth stock grow stock price 50% thru course of 12 months?

Answer has been “no” ever since March 2020, it feels like.
Everything has to be these wild gyrations.

As if GLBE suddenly is worth 15% more today. Why? So if it goes up another 10% from there, that is about 30% overall. Why?

I think 2020’s Covid “V” had led a lot of retail to think it should all just bounce right back to where it was. Huh?

So DDOG should just go back to being a $60b mkt cap, like, tomorrow? And then what…you really think $90b or $120b is justified anytime in the next 12 months?

So, yeah, I think you take the pops when you get them, sell the rips, and live to fight another day.