Weird glitch ahoy!

In this post…

On prospects for a soft landing…

…I quote from the Wall Street Journal. The software tells me I am not allowed to post something with “f u” in it (sans the space, because I can’t post it here either without being bounced). But the only occurrence is in the third graph and the word “future”, the first two letters of which are…. After repeated failures, I chose to delete the space between “our” and “future” in the post, and the software let it pass.

Odd, don’t you think?


First… Happy Birthday!!

Second, we certainly don’t have “our future” blocked. I suspect it was something in the text that was pasted from the WSJ that had some hidden space or formatting in it that was throwing the filters off.

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Happy birthday!

So, as to celebrate, I was thinking you could start the evening by reading some image. This ancient form of Chinese prose should set the tone and highlight the importance of this occasion. As you may know, image is also the Chinese character for “fortune” or “good luck”, so I was thinking printing image on napkins would be a nice touch.

As the evening progresses, your guests will be anxious to hear your stories from your time as fighter pilot. Well, they’ve heard many of them, so I suggest you tell the seldom told story of when you flew the Vought image. After all, only 20 were built, so very few have had the image of ever flying one.

If you’re more in the mood for a quiet evening rather than throwing a party, say watching a movie or two, well… there’s a lot to choose from, like, say, Kung image Panda. Hmm… perhaps not the best suggestion, but all this image got me thinking of Kung image for some reason.

Cheers, and image!

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Smarty pants. Double smarty pants (just to add characters.)

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