We're Staying!

Hello Islanders!

After decades of existence, I decided we needed a reprieve. So…

I’ve moved this board to the Personal Finance board and updated the name of our Isle. My goal is to get back to its original intent which I believe there’s a need for: Consumer Issues.

This doesn’t mean that the board can’t have the camaraderie it’s always had with the fun banter, but I’d like this board to become a place to share thoughts, stories, experiences, and ideas on a topic that we all have dealt with.

If you’d like to get us started, please post about an issue you’ve dealt with where you’ve had to fight for what’s right–whether that’s something you’ve purchased that you had to fight to get a refund, correct a wrong that you faced, or maybe even battling an unfair town code.

Let’s make the Isle one of the most popular boards in Fooldom! :slight_smile:
Spread the word!

Talk to you soon…

…but I still am…



Thank you Tony!!!