What are the macroeconomic effects of ignorance?


I’d say they could be severe simply because people will still have opinions about economic matters while remaining in a state of ignorance. And then acting on that ignorance.

A quote from the bill’s sponsor is also telling: “If we operate on the assumption that a theory is fact, unfortunately, it leads us to asking questions that may be potentially based on false assumptions,” [Daniel] Emrich said.

So once again, we have the confusion of ‘theory’ in the sense of opposite to fact and ‘theory’ in the scientific sense, which is ignorance exemplified. Nice job, Dan.



This would be disastrous for those students. There is no way to spin this in a positive light. The sponsors of that bill are either cruel, or incredibly stupid. Or both. Sorry, I cannot find less rude language for my thoughts on this.


Ignore the word “scientific” and there goes religion and everything else.

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Just another datapoint in the anti-knowledge attitude in Shiny-land.

A while back, I proposed a solution to the “burger flipper crisis”: end mandatory school at age 14, or completion of 8th grade, whichever comes first, and exemption of 14+ from child labor laws, so they can do any job, work any hours, as an adult.

The observation that most kids would stay in school anyway, thus limiting the number of kids driven into the hands of the “JCs”, has lead to “burger flipper crisis resolution, phase 2”:

As staying in school past 8th grade is optional, there is no longer an obligation to provide education beyond 8th grade for free, so school districts would be able to charge students thousands of dollars per year to attend high school, the same way students are charged thousands to attend college.

Being able to work full time at 14, continuing to be dependent on parents becomes a choice. Dependence being a choice, means 14+ year olds would not qualify for ADC, or as a dependent on their parent’s income tax.

Faced with no ADC money, no tax deductions, and thousands per year in High School expenses, many thousands of teenagers would be driven into the arms of the 'JCs". Of course, this would all be dressed up as “freeedom”.



They would also get the authority to legally drink alcohol, vote, driver’s license, and so on. So, the current politicians will RUN from that.

It will leave Montana very poor for decades. Ignorant people are lousy workers and employers.

We have been hearing the narrative for a while “all out kids get in school is woke indoctrination”…“they need to get a job and learn the dignity of work”.

Give 14 year olds a driver’s license, of course, because they need to get to their graveyard shift at 7/11. No voting or drinking, but the Missouri House voted today to allow children to open carry firearms on public land (that would be streets) without a permit or adult supervision. After all, they need to protect themselves while working that graveyard shift at 7/11. If a 14 year old is “old enough” to carry an AR-15 in public, on his own, he’s old enough to work, right?


If they are old enough to have a full-time job, pay taxes, etc (per the govt)–then they are also entitled to vote. We’ve been down this path before.

17 year olds can work full time and cant vote. It does not matter they are 17.

People working full time can not legally drink till age 21, that road we have been down.


Not quite. The feds required each state to set the legal drinking age at 21–or no funding (fed highway funds?). Not a real choice for a state. Then again, if the state stopped collecting the federal gas tax–people from surrounding states would buy cheaper gas there–until the roads were impassible due to lack of maintenance/repair.

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I did not know that. Thanks! Sure enough, the Federal drinking age went into effect in 1986

The Federal law was redundant in Michigan as voters raised the age back to 21 in 1978. That is easy for me to remember, because election day that year was November 7th, and my g/f at the time turned 21 on November 4th of that year.

Found a table of mandatory school ages. Interesting reading. There are several states where kids are allowed to quit school at 16, or completion of 10th grade. Alabama state law only requires free education be provided to age 17, though city school systems provide free education to age 19. So Plan Steve is not as far out there at it would seem, compared to some of the Shinier states.


Montana may or may not be better off than the city of Baltimore.