What happened to CAPS?

Was using CAPS as a crude way to measure my picks against alas CAPS is now down…



It’ll be back soon…it’s on the tail end of the AWS migration that occurred last weekend and is still having a few issues.

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Can’t Wait.Was doing Really GooD!

So it definitely is coming back? I’m with you @ZLA, get/got a lot of good use out of CAPS.

CAPS is back online. Unfortunately the migration to AWS was more jarring than expected.

I will monitor here so please report issues you see so I can try to get them addressed.

Please be kind.

I have not been able to use CAPS since December 22, 2022 . Anytime I try to open a position I get an error page. I’ve deleted ALL of my picks since. I check back once a week on Friday in the vain hope that this gets fixed but thus far no joy. CAPS was a useful tool back in the day. I believe I was the Score Leader in more Tickers than anyone else, well over 200 before things fell apart, but there was never a tool to track Score Leader numbers so maybe someone else had more Score Leaders than me.

If you can send screenshots and exact steps to cwilson@11below.com, I will see what I can do. I don’t do anything with the web front end, but may be able to find someone to help. 48,834 Picks! That is impressive.

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Thanks @MonkeyOnAGoat , I’ll put something together for you. Not the first time I’ve “broken” CAPS. When I hit 32,000 picks (or was it 16k, I forget?) it blew things up since the original code was apparently not designed to handle anything in excess of that number.