What happened to the Annoucement area on the right hand side panel

There was an area in the Category on the right side panel to provide information such as Sauls Knowledgebase. Is that incorporated in this new forum somewhere?

@CMFMints will be adding those in over time, there a lot of boards that she needs to configure and we’re helping folks navigate the new system right now. In the mean time the old site is still available in read-only form and you should be able to find what you need there.


Thanks 1138, Is there a tutorial on categories and how to add them? I use the pencil to add a catagory like investment analysis blub and then add Saul’s Investing discussions, then when I try to add Dividend investing it removes Saul’s and put’s in Dividend and so on and so on. Thanks Andy

Hi Andy

As TMF1138 said, I’ve got a lot of sidebar work to do but I’ll get there. To add more than one Category, click the pencil next to the Categories or Tags on the sidebar and this will pop up:

Click the plus sign and you can select more than one board (just start typing the board name, the search will pull it in for you.) Select it, search for another, etc until your list looks more like this:

Now, and this is the trick, click to the right in some white space to close that selector drop-down and click Save. That should add them all.

Let me know if you need more help


That’s beautiful CMFMINTS you just removed a lot of frustration thank you.


I just don’t know why, when writing the code, they chose to let the save button become hidden.

I think you need me in your meetings to point out all of the little mistakes (it’s what I do).

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