What is the list under our Avatar?

When I click my WeCo avatar, I see a long list of postings, undated, from a variety of posters with a variety of symbols to some of them on the right… I don’t see any particular order, all that I have looked at go way back to older threads, and once read are apparently lost in the wilds of MF somewhere… If it were recent responses it might make a little sense, butI don’t see that… ??


See that thumbs up symbol next to each one? When someone gives one of your posts a thumbs up, that shows up in your list. Since they are in the order that others give them, the sequence has very little connection to when you wrote the post being liked. I also see a back-arrow that I believe means someone replied. There are probably others.


I get new notifications appearing hear when a poster I follow starts a new thread (it’s a different symbol).

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OK, NOW I see that the symbols on the right bring up different listings, such as the ThumbUp shows all that were Recc’d… An down at the bottom the little person takes you to prefs n such page…

So, this links are mostly to very old postings, some newer ones… Kinda chaotic…

My Doc explained that everything wants to revert to chaos… Entropy, the return to chaos, and as an old guy, it takes longer to recover, return to where I was a couple years ago, so I am in partial state of entropy… Have to just keep pushing to get back out of the chaos… Sadly he retired the next day… Really liked that guy… (Cardiologist)


This isn’t a list of your posts. This is a notification that someone recommended your post. The notifications are ordered by date. Logical, not chaotic.

I changed my notifications to never notify on “likes”. There are several options in your Preferences / Notifications


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Oh, boy, more options… Problem is, we are all still chasing all the oddities, and whatever interests we had, topics, have been lost in all this mashup… It ends up like that busy-box we gave our kids to entertain them, so we’d have some peace n quiet… We may be in for a long quiet spell, with many, many missing members…