What is the probability that UK will elect Labour PM and rejoin EU?

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I wonder how much of this is anti-Brexit blowback?

Been reading about Labour’s best chances to take 10 Downing since post-Thatcher.

You live elsewhere in Europe, don’t you jakk? If so, what are the media reporting on this and how this might play out for EU and NATO expansion?

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Labour was in charge for a long time with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown from 1997 to 2010.

UK is already a member of NATO. EU would welcome the return of UK because of the current bad trade relations which have devasted UK and also hurt EU to a lesser degree.

I live in California, but I was born in Estonia in 1943. My family escaped to Germany in 1944 before the Russians seized Eastern Europe. We were refugees living in DP camps in Germany until we were allowed to come to America in 1950. At the end of the Second World War, at least 40 million people had been displaced from their home countries, with about eleven million in Allied-occupied Germany.