Where are my Favorite Stock Boards

So I see that Saul’s board was migrated, but I don’t see any of my Favorite stock-specific boards……am I just doing a ‘man look’?



You can use the search icon in the top right to search for “Saul”. Clicking the board name will take you there.

A more permanent solution is to follow these instructions to modify the sidebar to always have a direct link to your favorite boards.

So it appears that to use the Premium Boards we have to use one site, and to use the public boards we use a different one.

There is no longer a consolidated presentation of Favorite boards.

Although there is a link from the Public to the Premium, there is not one to come back the other way.

We’ll be correcting this sometime this week, we couldn’t put the free site link on the premium site before the free site was online.


The new link should show up near the top right on the premium site now: