How do I find My old Favorites Boards on the interface?

I have been searching for two weeks now. I called and they were able to get me there once but I cannot find it now. Even when they did help me find it, many of my favorite stocks were missing and some of the boards that I deleted 10 years ago, were added in their place? I watched the video but it is not helping. This new interface is far from intuitive for me.

I need to be able to quickly access my favorite boards, with all my selected stocks.

Can anybody help me?



Try this:

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Click the Switch To Premium button in the upper right corner (next to your icon) and you’ll be in the community for the subscription services…you’re on the free side now and there are few companies with tags over here because they just weren’t that active.

Once there, you can add tags for the companies you want to follow to your sidebar.

Man…I’ve been having the same problem. Why did they mess up a working system for an unworkable aggregation which noone likes