Where are the METARs?

I miss many of our METAR friends. I hope they find the board and it returns to normal.


Once I figured out that it is much easier to start from the landing page, https://discussion.fool.com/, and how to fix my “categories,” I’ve found the new boards are not that bad. I hope other people come back soon!


I’ve been offering LOTS of help to those that have been stricken by the “new board syndrome”. I’m doing my part to try and keep the place alive!!!



Many of us have offered a quick tip.

Unfortunately much of it boils down to attitudes. We are seeing some valuable posters decide they are old dogs who can not learn a new trick.

We are seeing closing on two weeks later this was not a big deal.

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I actually am ok with the new site. Of course it takes some getting used to, but if I can stumble my way thru it, then anyone can, lol.


Sorry - but I’ve offered more than just a quick tip bud.



It is really, really annoying to see you keep insulting old posters over and over for no reason.

You appear to think you can humiliate people into enjoying using the boards.

That’s not how human beings work. All you are doing is insulting and annoying people who are already extremely irritated. No one has to be here, or enjoy using this, just because you say they must. You are going to depopulate the boards of the waverers with your attitude.

“They’re just too stupid to enjoy strawberry ice cream, when anyone can see, it’s the superior flavour”



Did you send money. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I just think talk is cheap. I am not making big claims. We helped a few people.

Those who left such as Jaak it seems were clear the changes were not for them even before the switch over happened.

Leap -

I’m not sure WHO you are talking about here with the “we” thing. You and the mouse in your pocket?

I follow and participate in a number of boards - some of which you may not follow - so how do you know what your talking about wrt my posts on TMF?

– I try to engage with you, but sometimes it’s just not worth the pain.


What did you do beyond typing a few suggestions that was so difficult that you are call me a pain now because typing a few suggestions as help in my book is very minor?

It is purely being nice in a small way to other posters.

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(post deleted by author)

You appear to think you can humiliate people into enjoying using the boards.

This is really a bizarre statement or belief. I do not know how to relate to it.

If people do not enjoy these boards that is okay. I wont argue with them to enjoy these boards. I never have told anyone what to enjoy in being here or not as if that decision was up to me.

I have no power over anyone else’s decisions. We are all adults here. Respect that the other posters are adults here making their own decisions to come or go. My words and wording mean nothing in that process to anyone here.

Leap1 - I want to get along with you on these forums but it’s difficult. Can you please just drop this now long-running issue and stop posting about these three topics:

(A) “how other people are just too stubborn/lazy/stupid, to enjoy what you enjoy, or do what you do”

(B) “how terribly oppressed you are when people complain about you repeatedly saying (A) throughout the week on multiple threads”

(C) “how in fact you are being incredibly nice to everyone by telling them how stubborn/stupid/lazy/‘dreadful taste regarding forums’ they are”


That is literally what you are not doing in the eyes of everyone else (at least, all those that upvoted my earlier comments).

There’s a term for this in psychology: projection.


Any well trained psychologist would need to have you seated in front of them to make any diagnosis.

Listen you can do what you want. I wont stop you.

People pull up and rubberneck at crash sites, don’t take it so seriously as if it is the lesson of a life time. It isn’t.

I am going to post as I see fit. You are not a moderator here, in case you have not noticed.

I am beginning to see this as all humorous. Just to my way of thinking. I will unignore you. It really does not matter to me. You gots to be who you is.

You can ignore me if it helps. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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How about we grow up and act like reasonable adults instead?


Totally agree Tamhas.

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Following through on promises to ignore one another would be nice.



It would be but this format does not stiffen that. The controls are different now.

The moderator FA’ing a post is different now. Ten minutes later with a simple edit the post is back up.

Everyone can see deleted posts.

Just take the drama in stride. It is funny at least to me.

Just take the drama in stride. It is funny at least to me

Oh I do believe me…and have a chortle or six at the silliness.

It’s an interesting bit of people watching. Someone makes a Grand Announcement that someone is Being Ignored!!!..then unignores them and then ignores them all over again to great fanfare. Paroxysmal PLOINKing Syndrome, I call…and there’s always the announcement that this is the VERY LAST TIME I’m going to respond. It never is. It’s an art form…especially when some scallywag decides to take on the role of Board Toiletbrush and starts quoting snippets from the ignoree’s post, just to liven things up a bit. Reminds me a bit of my antics when I have dh on Ignore Fool and he doesn’t appear to notice…and then have to flounce around, sighing and slamming cupboard doors until he does. Then I get to say “Nothing, except…”

I did the ignore fool thingy on the Health and Nutrition board once years ago. No names, no pack drill but if I mention cottage cheese enemas, the Old Lags will know exactly who I mean. This chick would post all manner of nitwittery…with links to back it up and overandoverandover again. Didn’t need to announce it. I thought it meant her posts wouldn’t appear. Silly me. I got up next morning, fired up the old computer…and there was page after page with most of it greyed out. Now here’s the thing…to me, this greying out stuff along with being really annoying only served to add a level of unwarranted interest to this poster’s rant and I started wondering what she was saying. So, I unignored her. Didn’t make that mistake again. It’s way easier to ACTUALLY ignore someone when their tomfoolery is on display

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