Where have you been all my life?

Dear Saul’s Investing Discussion Board,

I admire what you have all set out to do here.

Your earnestness and your thoroughness is impressive to me as well as your generosity to post and share as you do.

I have learned a great deal from you since I started reading this board in the past week.

I have gone back several months, studied the knowledgebase and am hitting my head against the proverbial wall for not having found you all sooner!!!

The head banging got a bit louder today because, in a banner year for the stock market, I just took the time to do the computations for a SEP IRA, managed by a professional team near here in Beverly Hills, and I can’t believe the year to date earnings were a mere $3218, minus the management fee of $895. OMG.

Yes, Beverly Hills. They should be fabulous, right? Know money, right?

Now, clearly, I should be much more on top of this, but I thought they were.

It’s been an exhausting year so I did not watch it as much as I should have. My bad. I know that.

I am just sharing this to say, keep posting…some of us out here really need all of you!

With gratitude,