Who wants to live forever?

The experiments show aging is a reversible process, capable of being driven “forwards and backwards at will

The work shows that a breakdown in epigenetic information causes mice to age and that restoring the integrity of the epigenome reverses those signs of aging.

I wonder how long it will be before we stop making young mice and start turning people into spring chickens?



Well, seeing as precious few people demonstrate that they’re making any effort at all to avoid premature death … or disease leading up to that … using readily available strategies that can be demonstrated to work in humans, I’d say a lot longer than any of us have left on this Earth.

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Whaddaya mean??? People are taking more pills than ever!


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Oh, pills take no effort at all…they’re oftentimes only necessary because the effort of pushbacks (from the dining table) and push ups is too much.

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It will, of course, be rationed by ability to pay. So the “JCs” live forever, while the people who do the actual work fall off their perch, and the “JCs” cry “no-one wanna work”.