Why Few New Posts?

Why are there so few new posts? Is it me? Or might this forum be dying?


Definitely, a decrease in volume over the holiday weekend…but yesterday was right back where it was a month ago. While weekends are sometimes even busier than weekdays, a major holiday weekend in the US, like the one we just had, will be slower.

Am I correct that this forum is dying due to the new format? I see very few new posts lately. Or am I missing something?


“New format” is maybe a bit strong. Many regular posters (and who knows how many lurkers) did not make the transition to the new boards.

Of course we hope they are still coming just not here yet. But loss of many popular boards is also a factor.


Also I think many who subscribe to a service spend their time on the Premium side, which is totally isolated from here on the Free side. They need to take a step to look here, and a lot of them aren’t doing it.

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The new format is just poor. Why MF ruined what used to be the best part of MF?


But how does it compare to a year ago? The emperor has no clothes, or in this case, the new format has few posts.



All of us are learning the new system. It has its own kinks. It does work reasonably well.

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There are few posts because they drove so many away in 2013 or so when they killed the thriving, living, wonderful community of hundreds of us. We left. What I see here is a halfhearted attempt to recreate what they once had, but after all these years, many won’t come back.
They won’t have a chance to do it again, because they treated us like they were just stepping on an anthill…I doubt many of us trust them.

I once went by the username of truthisntstupid, and later, notyouagain.

I’m also notyouagain on Seeking Alpha but I’d give that up in a heartbeat to have the Motley Fool I knew back in 2009/10/11 back.

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