Will a screenshot remove the electronic ID stuff from a photo

A friend texted some photos to me.
I want to post a couple, but he and I want to remove the id information.

Will taking a screenshot and saving, remove that info?

Google yields info for photos I’ve taken, and are in my gallery.

The photos I want to anonymize were texted to me.
I can’t find any “properties” or other ID info on them.

Thanks IA

It should. What device will you use? I use a desktop and hit window/shift/s to screenshot…doc

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Google Pixel 7 pro.

It’s my do all device.

Thanks for the reply!

I verified that a photo I took had location info.
I then screenshot that photo, saved it, and this copy does not have the physical location present.


While I like the screenshot solution, you can also edit some (but not all) of the photo’s metadata directly. That could be useful in some situations.



I’ve been trying to correct dates and such un Photos on my Mac for quite a while, at least correct the years so they will at least group up, but Photos is a rather painful experience… Prior version I had gathered family members, but then the last update, they blew it all away, so I started over, it really needs a few more sorting tools… I work on it until boredom sets in, but it is handy to find all the photos of one person, sometimes it finds more, sometimes it’s wrong, too, tho… But adjustments to dates, locations is pretty handy…

And now as am close to moving to a new Mac, new O, I’m wondering if all my work will again be blown away…