Will Portugel Move To The Left Politically?

If one believes in demographics:yep.

They would see a country with less youth than they once saw; they would see what is in fact, after Italy, the second-oldest country in Europe, with 23% of the population being older than 65. And they would further see that like so many other democratic and less democratic countries, Portugal is having elections and that this election will, once again, pit the country’s aging population against its young people.

So-called “seniors” are reliable voters, while young people aren’t, and so this perverse incentive ensures that seniors vote, effectively, to extract rent for themselves from young people through the state. This is reflected in voting intentions: people over 54 are disproportionately likely to vote for the Socialist Party, while those who are under 25 are disproportionately unlikely to vote for it.

One in three people ages 15-39 has left for overseas.


Ireland has had this situation until 1985. When the EU and US began to invest in Ireland this reversed. Now a socialist Ireland has a standard of living equal to the Swiss.

Portugal and Ireland have often compared themselves. The Portuguese may realize as have Switzerland and Ireland that socialism with high income taxes and low corporate taxes is a better mix for all involved.

Any small minded person can lie about socialism being a failure. Does not make their comments intelligent.


The fascist past of Portugal permanently prejudiced the oldsters towards the left. The current leftist gerontocracy might be reversed by youngsters in a mirror image transformation.

I love Portugal and its odd culture.

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Love the culture as well. I see it around Hartford. Been friends at different times with people in the community.

I do not know the politics on the ground. I have not been to Portugal yet.

I can say if an economic argument is presented as I am discussing the young will go for it. I do not know when the Portuguese vote but such a discussion needs to come close to that time.

Polling data is meaningless until the case is brought before the public.