Woke up this morning and...

I started reading all these positive articles on this guy named Warren Buffett…who I thought was considered the most out-of-it guy on the face of Mother Earth in recent years. What’s going on?

When stock prices “outperform” all anyone can see is positive.

When a stock price underperforms? Negative invades all corners of the mind.

And…these things last for long periods, much longer than they should. Which means the Berkshire board will may, just may, get over-confident while the cult of Saul may get downright depressed. But that’s a good while out in the future so…

Enjoy the ride!


let the good times roll…

On the Calpers proposal, Warren clearly is not acting as a traditional CEO. He is so hands off and has already publicly announced Abel. Warren is clearly the Chairman and allocating capital.

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Berkshire is holding up very nicely vs the S&P! This is not normally the case?

Berkshire is holding up very nicely vs the S&P! This is not normally the case?

It was the case in approximately the 2000-2002 timeframe, when the S&P 500 fell along with the bursting of the dotcom bubble.

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S&P high in March: 4632.
Now: 4272.
=> -7.8%

BRK high in March: 539k.
Now: 505k
=> -6.3%

Holding up very nicely?
Rather just a Rounding Error.


Holding up very nicely?
Rather just a Rounding Error.

Now, now, now… Just watch out. You don’t want the entire board turn on you. It will be pretty painful. If you want to speak truth or point to facts, prepared to pay the price.


cult, cult, cult… who cares? Just make some money🤪

Mr. Buffett and his shareholders there at the beginning have made 40,860 times their money versus 273 times their money had they owned the S&P 500.

Just the facts in a world of emotion.


S&P high January 3rd: 4797.
Now: 4272.
=> -10.4%

BRK-B Jan 3rd: 301
Now: 344
=> +15%

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Exactly Ben holding up very nicely!

Sold some BRKB in January.

$304 was the price.

Price zoomed up to $334.

Sale caused price to rise? lol

Advance warning to buy ling calls now :wink:

Selling a bit more on Monday.


Selling like Charlie. Selling when we wanna, do something else with the money🎉

Like buying remodeling the kitchen, etc.

Long calls, not Ling calls😖

I also sold a chunk at c350 but what I invested the funds into has since dropped 10% so, swings and roundabouts really. I’ll just hold the rest no matter what.


Selling at $350.00 is good.

We do intend to spend any proceeds, rather than buy another investment.

Might try a good until cancelled sale near your price?

Why ever not?


Did not place a sell for BRK.

So of course, it has fallen😜

My apologies, too all because if I had sold, the stock would have risen?