Yahoo "update" threats

I have a Yahoo account that I mostly use on my Android phone. They’re trying to get me to upgrade to a paid version. But now I got an email saying I need to update today (they have conveniently provided a rectangle on which to click) or my account goes bye-bye.
I’m thinking more like opening yahoo (not this email!) on computer, deleting this message, and uninstalling/reinstalling phone app. Oh, and new password.

Yep, good… sounds like a phishing event. Who did the email “come from”?

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Looked kinda random

That kind of phishing message is common on Yahoo. We all get them.

Those of us who have ATT email addresses got moved to Yahoo. ATT does password updates and provides help. They advise they are phishing attacks.

If they ever wanted to update software, how would we know the message was authentic. (But why would they need our permission or an update of our login info?)

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Those of us who have ATT email addresses got moved to Yahoo. ATT does password updates and provides help. They advise they are phishing attacks.

It is even worse for those of us with Verizon e-mail addresses. When Verizon bought AOL, they stopped running their e-mail servers and gave our accounts to AOL. But if I look at traceroute, it reveals that AOL is now using Yahoo servers.

And early-on, Verizon abandoned providing UseNet servers, so I had to go to a private UseNet server that has recently gone bankrupt. I have not done anything about that because mostly spammers and trolls were using UseNet by then. Most groups now use e-mail mailing lists now.


DW & I used addresses from early on, eventually flipping to AT&T, but the pacbell addresses still worked, via, Yahoo… But at some point in trying to fix some foibles, I deleted the account for DW. to reinstall it, clear things up, but that reinstall refused to connect on either desktop or phone. So naturally I tried my own address, deleted, never came back…

Eventually I was able to get int the account at Yahoo, so I could get my mail and gradually correct contacts to our new addresses… But, nowhere else… many tries, still falling the initialization… I gave up, all the vitals are corrected, but what a rotten mess, how many hours does one have to invest to clean it up…

I got my email address when I got a dail-up account with the local phone company. Eventually they offered DSL and I upgraded to that. Meanwhile the phone company was bought by AT&T, then sold again. I still use that email address, but the domain after the @ is from a company twice obsolete. But it still works as someone already described; AT&T for the login authentication, Yahoo for the mail. I rather like Yahoo’s online mail interface.

Like every other AT&T mail user, I have received an endless supply of phishing emails warning me that my AT&T world is coming to an end if I don’t click on this link right away. Most of the time I look at the dangerous link’s URL and send an email to whoever hosts it asking them to shut it down. Mostly they are with outfits that offer free web sites, such as, though it has been a while since that specific one showed up.

Why not just ignore this email? I wouldn’t delete it, might be handy in case there is a class action lawsuit. Sounds like a scam to me.

Charlie Brown

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