You've got it all down, IC < EV money wis

You have wasted years of your life debating this. At least you had fun, possibly?

People buying luxury cars do not care if EV or IC costs less. Do not care if ten years out batteries need replacing. Do not care if you can get a better deal for a Cadillac.

Yes they might say they care, but many folks buy what they want. Not what they might profess to care about.

If a wealthy person wants an EV telling them IC costs are lower etc is a big yawn to them. Most would kind prefer you take care of your own business.

As EV comes in costs will decline again and again, efficiencies of scale.

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…but many folks buy what they want.

Teslas are a status symbol that most people drive them for that reason and really don’t care about the price. Tesla knows that and therefore had no problem raising their prices by thousands of dollars this past week.

We bought a Hybrid because I use to drive 32,000 miles+ a year and following market trends figured a more gas efficent car was a real prudent move.

So, either pure luck or pure genius. :wink:




Last I checked you were a capitalist.

Are you only a capitalist when GM raises their prices? But not when Tesla does?

I think you need a single standard.

But expect others to waste all the money they want while they are alive.