Hello all,

I own Z like probably many of you do and it has almost doubled for me in 5 months such that I didn’t get a chance to increase my position. But now, their price seems to me to be exuberant. At what point do you cash in for a profit and then, if it finally comes back to earth, you can buy back in and possibly ride it back up again?

I’m really interested in this concept. The buy and hold seems to me to be like the waves in the ocean. You can sit there an watch them and be happy for 10 years, or you can harness (some of) them with some underwater device that will generate electricity while you watch them.

I’m not thinking like a trader but rather, as I did with SCTY and TSLA, I sold out, booked a profit when I thought the stocks were very high (valuations are out the window so “very high” is just a feeling for me based upon price action, sense of risk, etc) I sold both out, and am waiting for a rationally supported price or a nice price drop to re-enter.

I’d put Z in that same category though their future looks a LOT more secure than TSLA or SCTY, but I am interested in hearing comments about this type of philosophy.
Thanks in advance,


I don’t know I sold a lot of CMG and NFLX on valuation and I regret it, oh how I regret it. I do not think there is a right answer, unless it it causing sleepless nights, then you sell.