ZI: best compensation and happiest employees

ZoomInfo Receives Comparably Awards for Best Compensation and Happiest Employees
Based on Anonymous Sentiment Ratings Provided to Workplace Culture and Compensation Monitoring Site Comparably

As BroadwayDan pointed out Zoominfo is not for everyone, but for their core employees it is a great working environment. It’s a hot-blooded sales machine - by sales people for sales people, if you want.

PR: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211014005577/en/

They got two awards: for best compensation and for happiest employees. For both they are in the top 15 of 60,000 companies surveyed by Comparably. They also improved their position in the rankings by 10 places vs last year. These two things are important in a sales-driven organisation in my experience. Possibly more than in other types of organisations, good pay drive happiness.

This is an interesting quote by Henri Schuck, the CEO, which speaks to the type of organisation this is:

"We’re proud that ZoomInfo is a place where someone can start out as an hourly employee and – with or without a college degree – still ascend to a management position with a six-figure salary just a few years later.”

So he emphasises monetary reward, and the ability to get to it even if you don’t have a college education. Many top sales people would probably identify with that type of comment.

For me this answers the questions that were raised by some on the board about the culture of ZI. Even if the culture is not for everyone, it’s a great culture. Because it’s fit for the type of company that it is, and congruent with the founder and CEO’s values.


(Long ZI 8%)


This isn’t the only positive news about Zoominfo over the past week:

Their new acquisition, Chorus.ai has also been making waves. Chorus.ai was recognized today as a strong performer in The Forrester Wave: Conversation Intelligence, Q4 2021 report by leading global research and advisory firm Forrester Research, Inc.

Evaluated according to 24 criteria, Chorus earned the highest score possible in the following categories:
Sales Performance Measurement
Sales Modeling and Forecasting
Postcall Coaching
Ease of Use
Language Models
Static Insights
Product and Technology Innovation Roadmap
Partner Ecosystem

So I’ve read a few Glassdoor reviews on Lightspeed criticizing their acquisition integration. However, Zoominfo seem to be doing well on this front.
July 13, 2021 - Zoominfo acquires Chorus.ai
Sept 2, 2021 - ZoomInfo Announces Its First Integrations with Chorus.ai
Oct 13, 2021 - Chorus.ai Cited As A Strong Performer by Forrester Research

Quick integration and Chorus seems to be thriving as evidenced by the aforementioned report.
I am excited by their earnings calls on November 1st, 2021.

On a side note, the Zoominfo stock price has been under increased pressure by the Venture Capitalist selling, that’s totaled over $1.7 billion in stock this past quarter. In the past quarters, it was in the $200-300 million range. While this does not mean much, it should explain why the post-earnings pop last quarter did not last.

P.S. Forrester Research is no slouch, they were ahead of the curve recommendation cybersecurity, machine learning and cloud investments in the early 2010s.