31-year-old teacher quit her job for 50% pay boost at Costco

… and I thought they were having problems hiring school bus drivers. (My local school district pays a driver $28/hr.)




Good for her!

Both my daughter, and later her daughter began Teaching careers, thinking it would be a lifelong situation. DD ran into rotten management, principals that never supported her when students acted up, moved on to corporate teaching, in fact how to use social media safely. Her DD, our GD, came up against the same garbage when little Johny lit paper up in the classroom, her manager/principal again sided with the parents. She finished out the year to lock in her CA credentials, but instead moved of to telephone sales, support for educational software systems… Likely never will return to teaching as a career… A pretty sad state of our educational systems, mainly its management, dummies get promoted, and we all lose…


The parents are worthless very often.

Childcare is not someone else’s job. That is daycare. If your children are having children they need to begin to call their actual job childcare.

That other thread on exercise in the 1960s. The exercise was minor. Someone portioned our meals, chose better food as best they could, and cooked the meal at home. We generally were not fat. Great two-income homes etc…poor, middle class or rich…bad for your kids. You need to work harder to feed them at home. Easy to say sure. But guess what when I am charged with cheap talk you are lazy and not getting your work done. Work in the 60s and 70s was much less automated. We worked much harder.