In trying to build a bootable USB drive to reinstall Windows, I get

Sorry. An error occurred while extracting image file
6ftmga09.5_w10x64ROW_prows.iso. Please check the file and try again.

I don’t suppose anyone has any suggestions.

I am an Apple/Mac person. I notice the file name ends in “.ios”. That suggests to me the item in question is a data file from an iPhone or iPad. My reply assumes my hunch is correct.

You really don’t need to include any iOS data files in any (Windows or MacOS) bootable disk. And it could be a problem maker. By the time you are worrying about restoring a computer with a bootable backup, it is almost certain you will have more recent data on your iPhone/iPad and that data is backed up in iCloud. If you restore some older data, it seem possible you could over write your current iOS data (restored from iCloud) with some older data.

So maybe you should consider a way to exclude iOS backups from your bootable backup or keep your iOS backups off your Windows PC or the best option - only use iCloud to backup your iOS devices.

I have been restoring from iCloud backups for years and never had any problem.

In the event you are using iCloud for your iOS backups, you may have an orphan iOS backup file that Windows is unsure what to do with. Find the file and delete it or convert the who backup folder to a zip file if you feel you must keep such a file.

The posting says it is an .iso file (not iOS0). Typo? Or ???

I am an Apple/Mac person. I notice the file name ends in “.ios”.

He said the file ends in .iso. That’s an image of a CD or DVD. Maybe blu-ray as well, but I’ve never dug into those.


In my decades with DOS/Windows the letters, not the UPPER/lower case of the letters are all the matters.

I use iOS in my reply because that is how Apple people commonly speak of the file types.

So sorry people – I clearly did a metal transposition of the letters.

Thank you Peter from explaining to me in terms I understood.

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The .iso file is an image of a CD or DVD (maybe blu-ray as well).

I have two guesses. One is that your system is somehow lacking the appropriate reader for CDs or DVDs.

The second is that the file in question must be put on a CD or DVD rather than a USB memory stick or an external USB hard drive.

Check your on-screen instructions carefully to see what kind of media it’s looking for.


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This was the subject in Ask Woody’s latest newsletter.




That suggests to me the item in question is a data file from an iPhone or iPad.

No, as per the other post, I am attempting to build a bootable USB disk to be used to re-install Windows. This message appears after the utility has downloaded the image and is preparing the USB disk. It seems to have reformatted the USB disk since it is a different size than it was when I started and it has been named. But the only thing on it is the usual stuff on an empty disk.

.iso is correct.

It explicitly expects a USB stick. And, as I say, it did format and label it.

This was the subject in Ask Woody’s latest newsletter.

Looks promising … I’ll look into it.

How big is the .iso file, and how much free space do you have on your C: drive? The “unable to extract” error suggests an available space problem. Also, how big is the USB stick you’re writing to?

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The .iso file does not appear as such on my machine, so I don’t know the size. I do know the utility tells me it will need a bit over 9GB on the USB stick and the stick is 16GB formatted to 15GB. I have 35GB free on my C drive.

One problem with the Ask Woody approach may be that the utility that I am trying to use comes from Dell and one of the inputs is the service tag number, presumably to brand the box with the correct ID.

Hi tamhas,

First: A .iso file is an image of a file system, not a back-up file per se.

In file manager, right-click on it and choose MOUNT!

Then you should see an additional file system mounted and there should be something there to run.

Here is an article to burn the image to a CD, thumb or other device.

Does that help you?

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As noted, there is no such .iso file on my machine.