July Performance Summary/Starting Gate

Note 1: Amateur investor alert! Nothing in this post represents anything remotely resembling a recommendation for any company or a call to action. During my investing career I have made every single investing mistake imaginable - some of my favorites I’ve made more than once - but have never ventured into margin territory. Here’s why:


July was very very good to the portfolio with an +11.8% gain; of which, TBs accounted for 34.8%. And there were an awful lot of TBs: for the month TBs went 37-3-1. While the month started out with me out of pocket and not paying a lot of attention - as time went by I got very bored and dabbled, dabbled and dabbled.

Note 2: There are people struggling to feed their families all over America. Donate what you can to local Food Banks and be a real super hero to some family.

Part One: July Performance Summary

July was very, very good to the portfolio with an +11.8% gain; of which, 34.8% came from TBs. With boredom setting in while the All-Too-Lovely shopped with some of her cronies overseas - I dabbled, dabbled and dabbled some more with a final July TB record of 37-3-1. While I am no longer providing my YTD total results until the end of the year - I am happy to send you a snapshot of my current YTD number directly from my Fidelity account - if I recognize you from posting.

Here is where the portfolio stood at the end of the month:

A) STARTERS - Intended to be 65-70% of the Portfolio.

  1. DDOG 13.9%

  2. Bill 12.3

  3. SNOW 11.7

  4. CRWD 10.0

  5. S 9.9%

I am short here on numbers for the STARTERS and have resolved that today as noted later in this post.

B) The Bench - intended to be 20-25% of the portfolio

  1. MDB 9.7

  2. NET 9.4

  3. MNDY 9.3

C) Scout Team - intended to be around 10% of the portfolio

  1. GLBE 3.5%

CASH About 10%.


Starting Gate is intended to be the What to do Now after the What I done did last month - or something very similar to that.

As noted above, My STARTERS need more allocation - so, Early on today I sold out of MNDY and reduced S to a Bench level position. If the market gives me the opportunity I intend to pump up both DDOG and MDB while opening a Scout Team position in DOCN. Then actively look for another company worthy of Starter level allocation.

Since I am still on something not unlike a vacation I wanted to keep this short and sweet for the historical record.

All the Best,