A note of thanks for Fools behind the scenes

Just a note of thanks to [TMF1138] [CMFMints] [TMFMichaelLok] [TMF2Aruba]

You four are busier than a one-legged
bouncer at an a**-kicking contest, but please take time to know I thank all of you for helping to get this new community forum launched.

I love this new look and use of the search engine on this Destiny Solutions Board. Thanks a million for just that one feature which has powerful benefits for a trader such as myself. It makes for future deep dives which are easier to initiate and wayyyyyyyyyyyy better at finding the material I know I posted, but could never find again using the old Motley Fool search engine.

Oh yeah . . . and I love that I have yet to post one single headline/topic which has been truncated. Never has the use of a topic headline been so rich in detail. You’re cutting down on what used to be a lot of wasted time for me and other posters.

Lastly, thanks for allowing us to edit once we post something. (If only Twitter follows your lead here.)

I appreciate your efforts. Thank you for your patience. Good work.

Please tell the Gardners to give all four of you a raise!

After the deluge in the Florida Keys


Agreed. And I’m sure that there are others who are less visible who put in a lot of time over the weekend.

I’m going to reserve the right to not love the new look, and point out issues as I see them. But I can still appreciate the work and effort that went into the conversion. And on the whole, it IS a good thing, even with it’s warts. It’s a step forward, and that’s something that is way over due.

Peregrine - you may not appreciate the search engine as much when you discover that you can only search back to the beginning of 2022. Or maybe that’s good enough for your purposes. In which case it’s absolutely fantastic.



Peter for the win here. Look at all this work he put in giving us this easy to read and understand guide: