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A remarkable collection of volunteers with much expertise are willing to assist with advice (and experience) on any computer topic. Most help is with personal computers and especially Windows PC’s but feel free to post questions on others too.

There are some folks here who have knowledge about Apple/Mac computers also.


Also Linux, Android, iOS, and a few other things. Excel experts, Word experts,…

When asking for help, please tell what program you’re having trouble with, and on what operating system.

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Good additional reminder, we Apple Users need assistance sometimes too-thx

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There are mysteries in all systems from time to time. For myself my 2012 Mac Pro has been generally solid, but I’m resistant to patches to take me beyond 10.14.6 (Mojave) as it also means older 32 bit software, MacDraft, Photoshop, others, would need replacements. One day if it breaks badly enough, I’ll have to make some choices… But other Macs, MacBook Air, iMac, and other older MacBooks are happily onto he later OS’s, or earlier, the older ones filled the needs of their day, given to grandkids, returned as they moved on. A nice big SSD would make them very useable, but for now closet fillers… The Apple Stock category board has been used for problems before, I had the other Apple boards, iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS renamed to keep the Apple Users together in the Favorites list, but now, just the ‘apple’ Tag shows up… Changing times… - weco

But isn’t this place for discussing STUPID computers? You know, Windows and Microsoft? :sunglasses:

(I’ve never set finger to an Apple keyboard, though I have been quite happy with my iPhones and iPads. On the PC side I’ve been, MS-DOS - probably 3.x - thru Win 11, all Microsoft stuff. Oh, and a bit of OS/2, work related.)

I’ve set fingers on a couple of Macs. I actually own two MacBooks. I can assure you they also fit the definition of STUPID computers. :wink:

Even more so if you’ve been a reasonably happy Windows user.


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Am trying to find a smiley emoji :smile: