How to get help here

With the closing of all of the various computer help boards at TMF except this one, we’re likely to see a wider variety of computers and other devices.

When asking for help, please make sure to say what device and operating system you are using (Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, etc). And if you are having problems with a web site, be sure to mention what web browser you are using (Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc).

Doing that will improve your chances of getting informative help.

It’s also courteous to let people know the ultimate resolution of your issue. Did a suggested fix work? Was it some other fix? Did it magically start working correctly again? (Sometimes that’s what happens) Did you take a sledge hammer to the stubborn machine and buy a new one? (Sometimes that’s effective, too)

Also, please keep your expectations in check. People here are generous with their time and knowledge. But it’s often necessary to go back and forth a few times to collect more information or to try a couple of things. Don’t expect a quick fix to your issue. But if you hang in there and keep responding, most here will keep trying to help you.

Becoming argumentative or pushy is the quickest way to stop the flow of help. So please don’t do that.

Lastly, thanks for giving this place a try. Not all problems will be solved here, but it is very satisfying to all involved when they are.