New Computer Board at Shrewdom

There is a new Help With This Silly Computer board at:


yes, I have wandered there…and so have a few others…more like the old tMF Boards. Worth looking into,IMHO

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Yep looking is free. But I am happy with the new fool. Guess I am just to old to want to change, and going beyond here is volunteering - not in my bucket list for 2023.


I don’t see a problem with staying here, it was a mistake to take down the Apple User boards, but there are other resources, if needed.

As I noted long ago, once I and my DW retired, and managed to transfer the data over onto either my Mac or her iMac, the old PC, I think it was an HP or maybe Sony, it literally was tossed out onto the concrete floor of the garage, minus it’s hard drive, later on, taken apart, recycled. And all it’s application disks, etc.

Some of my ire was at Microsoft’s gaming of insisting on updates, then grumping over verifications, making the whole experience way too frustrating for what should have be, could have been a simple event. Gone.