Accessing Bert's old SA articles

Hi Everyone,

I recently subscribed to Bert’s Ticker Target investment service. I have been unable to gain access to his old articles that are now behind a Seeking Alpha paywall. I have had several email exchanges with Bert about this over the last several days and he is not sure why I am having these problems. When I log on to the Ticker Target website and then click on “Publications” at the top of the page, I am transferred to a SA site where his SA articles are arranged in chronological order with the most recent being listed first. When I click on the title of an old article I get a few initial paragraphs followed by a notation that says "Continue Reading With Free Pro Trial. The result is the same when I click on “Publications” and then click on the ticker on the left hand side of the page on the SA page that I am transferred to

My question is directed to those of you who have a subscription to his Ticker Target service. Are you able to access his old articles via your subscription to his website?


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Hi cleverbear1,

I subscribe to Ticker target as well and dont have any problems pulling up old articles. On the right side, and going all the way down the articles are listed by company name and you can access them that way. Or at least, thats how I do it. I only pay for the basic membership.

Avoid the Publications tab, as you learned it just brings you to the SA website!



I too, am a TickerTarget basic subscriber. But I don’t have enough time in my life to read even his new articles.
I just wait for Bear or Saul to put it all in one sentence.

Grateful for everyone



At the top right on the website there is a tab called “My Account.” Just to the right is a tab/link called “Articles.” That is where you will find what you are looking for. I had the same issue as you at first. It’s not the most user friendly website at all.