Ticker Target Subscription

I have read many reviews on this board about the Ticker Target newsletter. I am interested in subscribing, but unsure whether to get the Basic Subscription ($280/year) or the Premium ($520/year). Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks in advance.


I have basic and it seems perfect for what I need. Bert has been very responsive to email questions and ideas which is incredible customer service.


Jon, All you need is the Basic unless you want them to recommend a personalized portfolio for you. With the Basic you get all the messages and can email Bert and ask questions as long as you don’t abuse the privilege.


I think Bert follows Saul these days. . . .I have subscription.

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I recently subscribed to tickertarget. I am unable to access the site today and keep getting the “your connection is not private” error message. Are other people having the same problem?

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Are other people having the same problem?

Yes, since last night. Multiple browsers cannot get secure connection.


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Same here, Remmdawg.


From Bert…

It is a certificate expiration. The web master has fixed the access issue. You can use www.tickertarget.com-just that. and you will get access. The message about the certificate will remain until Monday when the certificate issue is resolved. If you have any problems, please contact Flavia Tejada, and she will help you log in. Sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, the web master is with his family and could not get the certificate resolved before the weekend started.

I could not get it to work as Bert instructed via FireFox, but I did (advanced option) via Chrome.