OT: Subscription to TipRanks

Good afternoon!

  1. Does anyone subscribe to use TipRanks for their stock research? Do you use just Basic subscription or pay for Premium? If you have Premium, is it worth it? Do you get good analysis and/or ideas there?

  2. I believe Saul mentioned that he subscribed to Ticker Target service. Does anyone else subscribe to it? Do you find it valuable?

Thank you!

I just subscribed to Tickertarget that Bert Hutchfield writes.
Cheaper by the year and Saul recommended it. I have already received to very long .pdfs with all sorts of stuff including his portfolio and it’s progress. I have also received severalbuying advice emails. One that suggested to hold if not buy VMware. Which I did thank you very much. You have a 30 day trial. The PDFs are long and detailed boy that guy can type. The pdf is not smart phone friendly(real tiny text, you need to read it on a bigger screen).