Added to MNDY/SNOW

Right back in the Market Soup today as the struggle for market dominance between the Bears and the Bulls rages on. While I tend to think that the 12,500 area is the bottom for the Nasdaq anybody that claims they really know is a Bald Faced lying Pony Soldier. (Or just someone with a different opinion which may, or may not, be as accurate as anyone else’s market opinion.)

Took some of the Back-From-the-Precipice relief rally sales and pushed some of it right back into MNDY and then padded SNOW a bit.

Saving the balance for later today.

MNDY going down in sympathy with ASAN who poo’d the ER bed while SNOW is just following the rest of the market down into the darkness.

Lots of targets out there some of which may actually come back and make us money - but best to stick with the tried and true I suppose. U, SE, and MELI are tempting here but I wouldn’t buy them unless they are going to trend up - and besides my cash has been whittled down to a toothpick sized opportunity at best while my allocations in the STARTERS porky pig fat.

Let’s face it - this market can drive you crazy regardless of how much you want it to come back. You can worry yourself sick hoping and hoping all you want. Or you can just be happy and decide to worry about it tomorrow because, after all, tomorrow is another day.……

Gonna do the lake - get some exercise in then maybe pull some of my hair out later.

All the Best,