Back From the Precipice

What a fine Wednesday morning rally!

I strategically executed a reverse extraction of the entire tranche of funds placed in the STARTERS yesterday with the following 24 hr results:

DDOG +9.12%

MNDY +7.55%

ZS +8.10%

BILL +9.94%

S: +3.12%

Note 1: SNOW, NET and UPST are not over-allocated at this time.

Note 2) All the STARTERS and especially S remain over-allocated.

Note 3: The turnover of the S TB was not based on the meager 3.12% gain but rather because the allocation in the company has become ridiculously overdone - unless of course it reports phenomenal results on it’s upcoming report and explodes higher - then I will simply be a bonehead.

Nice to have cash back in the account and be a few steps back from the precipice. Debating now whether yesterdays brief rally and todays yet to be determined (solid) rally represent any sort of semi-definitive proof that perhaps the 12,500 area of the Nasdaq is in fact THE bottom and not just A bottom.

Investing is hard especially if you just take all the punches without responding to what the market gives you. I should have snapped to this yesterday when the portfolio briefly rallied but I was tied up eating some cinnamon toast. Gotta love that cinnamon toast!

I am pretty sure I am going to shave today: its been a week or so and the All-Too-Lovely is beginning to give me that look. You know…That Look. Sigh.

Note 4: Today would be a swell day to pick up a few cans of Dinty Moore Beef Stew and drop them off at the local Food Bank. Maybe chip in with matching loafs of fresh bread for mopping up that yummy gravy.

All the Best,