Hue and Cry: SNOW

Lots of hue and cry about SNOW, its report - and its Guidance. While I have been reading-up on Saul’s board and trying to keep-up and note score; to be transparent, a lot of the debated angst is just over my head.

I looked briefly at the raw numbers in the report yesterday - then noted it was absolutely tanking during AH, and by some gawd awful number at that: So I bought some. Held it for about 15-20 min or so and then, as it recovered, sold the whole lot. Felt good about the quick gain but not so good about selling because I suspected it would do better today - and it did.

So all day I kept checking it out - if it had re-sunk or approached yesterdays AH lows I might have bought again. But it didn’t and I didn’t and I don’t feel really poorly about it. Could change my mind and buy tomorrow I suppose especially as Saul himself re-affirmed his commitment to the company. Going further - I am actually curious as to what Bear thought and/or did. As I recall - and my recall these days is truncated to some small degree - Bear is the Saul’s board hold-out who didn’t have a position in SNOW, Could be wrong about that but I suppose I will go see with the whole general tethered supposition being that if Bear didn’t have a position before the report - well, has he ventured in since.

The other thing is - that I reopened a lot of TBs today and I have fund for a couple of Bench level positions and that’s all. I am pretty almost sure that one of those might be pre-allocated for BILL while SNOW could be the early favorite for the other. On the other hand, I could go with BILL and hold the cash for doubling down on BILL when/if it goes lower. It almost got to my entry range today just missing it by a few bucks and depending on how the market goes tomorrow might yet make my low entry bet.

Or - I could just re-enter CFLT and maybe pad DOCN a bit. Or maybe just deviate from my investing nature and buy one of my wife’s almost-10%-monthly-dividend payers and then live happily ever after without trying to adjudicate the back and forth complications of a company that just grew 100%+ and will grow 80-85%+ next year. A company that has a flimsy 178% net retention along with RPO of only 99% Y/Y. Stuff makes my head hurt and if the valuation wasn’t so extraordinarily robust I would most certainly have been there to begin with. So theres that.

All the Best,