Amazing AM4 platform support

Today I finally put in the order for an interim upgrade of my old desktop PC (based on an Asus AM4 motherboard with an 8-core Ryzen 1700 “Zen” 14nm CPU with 8 GB of memory). So I will soon enjoy 16-core Ryzen 5950X “Zen 3” N7 goodness (£488 at Amazon). Thanks to AMD for the amazing AM4 platform support!

The new processor should let me upgrade to Windows 11 and give my programming workloads a pretty boost. To give the parallel build jobs I run more breathing room, I also added 16 GB of memory for a total of 24 GB. I had planned to only double my current 8 GB, but the price difference was low (£60 vs £40).

I also ordered a cheap 19 inch monitor (£31) to replace my secondary monitor that failed a while ago. This will serve as a stopgap solution until I eventually upgrade to a whole new multi-screen desktop setup based on the upcoming AM5 platform (may even go for Threadripper, if I find a good argument) — next year, perhaps.