an interesting day

After waking me around 3am to pee, he let me sleep til 7:15. I know he was up earlier because some items were moved around in the kitchen (nothing problematical–just tried to put away the clean dinner dishes on the drainboard).

After breakfast he was compliant to take a shower. I was flabbergasted as it had only been 2 days since the previous shower. Not only that, he washed his own hair and took the washcloth out of my hand and washed his body as well. Of course, he had both socks on , but let me remove them when they made it difficult to get his pants on. Alas, whe I gave him his toothbrush, be proceeded to brush the area of skin around his mouth. He used mouthwash, though. And dressed himself without help.

Today was the intake occupational therapist. He was pretty good with her, even sat next to her on the couch and gibbered at her conversationally with a few words she could understand. Amazing.

After she left, I thought, it’s beautiful out (no jacket needed) and he’s in fine fettle so let’s take a walk. I made it a pretty short one, but he started balking within 2 houses of arriving home. Not strongly so I was able to steer him into the house–and quickly locked the door. Whew.

He fell asleep for the first time all day at 4. Now he’s up–time to fix dinner.

What a lovely report! It’s wonderful that there are these soothing ups as well as the anguishing aggravating downs.


I’m trying to show a balanced picture, not just the horrible moments. I think of it like parents of an intellectually challenged child. They don’t put them away these days, they just learn to do their best and savor the better moments.

He just decided to get in bed. Bit of a tussle over taking his shoes off, but I managed. No way can I get his jeans off.

He’s asleep already–took like 2 minutes. Unbelievable.