He hadn’t pooped in 2-3 days, so I kept trying to get him to sit on the toilet, but nyet. So while I was doing housework he pooped next to the bed. And stepped in z bit of it. And walked a little =8-0

I must’ve spent about 20 minutes cleaning up him and the floor–and with a touch of poo on the quilt, put it in the wash. Alas I had already put 2 peed-on bath mats and accumulated towel wash in the machine already–in fact, had just put them in the dryer. So the 2 washcloths I used on him are soaking in his sink in bleach water. But I’ll probably toss them–they are very old and kinda threadbare. I chose them deliberately. I remember buying them on Fischer’s Island in Long island Sound during a sailing trip. That would’ve been around 1990!

I jumped in the shower after all that and put on a new sundress (and no bra–ah, comfort–and I’m not going anywhere so nobody to see my jiggle except a demented person-), and now I feel soooo much better, physically and mentally!

BUT. I shoudl’ve broken the, er, log I dumped from his Depends into 2 pieces. It clogged the toilet. I peed on it. Nuh-uh. Poured vinegar on it. WIll try flushing again soon. It doesn’t make the toilet overflow when I flush, so thankful it’s not worse.

Now he’s playing with the hem of his shorts in his recliner. He seems tired.

The house smelled poopy, so despite the heat, I shut down the HVAC and opened windows all over the house and cranked up all the ceiling fans on high. Smells OK now, shut the windows, turned the AC back on. Left the celing fans on low.

My new Swiffer wet wipes smell like coconut…

alstro sez: Caregivers do not need a workout program, we’re working out already!


It clogged the toilet.

I assume it’s ok now. But if you have this problem again, I suggest pouring boiling water into the toilet and let it sit a tad.


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