about last night

I fed the hubster dinner in bed around 5:15. By 6 he was asleep “watching” MASH reruns on Hulu.

Some time yesterday he fiddled with the mechanism that prevents bed sores and it doesn’t work now. I’m sure my aide today can plug the tubes back where they belong (I have enough stress on my back and shoulders and don’t want to rummage under the mattress to figure it out, likely for naught, too).

Anyhow, he woke up at 10:30pm, I helped him out of bed, and he walked into the bathroom, even into the shower, but couldn’t/wouldn’t pee anywhere, much less in the bucket I was holding.

About 5:45am I heard him getting up and rushed over. Too late. I had fixed the railing that wasn’t working for me yesterday, but he found the foot of space at the foot of the bed with ho railing, and escaped that way, then turned around and peed on the corner of the bed by the floor (wires, tubes, wheel, footboard, leg-). Large puddle, as you might imagine after over 12 hours without peeing.

Seemed little point getting back into bed, so we got up for the day. Hoping he’d nap in his recliner after breakfast. Nuh-uh. He keeps pulling his depends down and up again…eyeing my foot on my recliner suspiciously…

I discovered he wasn’t dry all night–his Depends were wet (not very, so one small pee).

I knew he needed to poo due to all the fidgeting. I left him to it in the bathroom, knowing I might return to a mess smeared on the floor, etc. But he was A Good Boy and poo’d in the toilet. Yay!

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But he was A Good Boy and poo’d in the toilet. Yay!

“Yay” is right!