DD’s family visited for a week. The kids (9 & 11) as well as DD & SIL, of course, were great with the hubster. They helped me deal with laundry room clutter. Since we all kept our beach shoes there, DD picked up a small shoe rack. With no houseguests now, I use most of it for cleaning supplies. A nice convenience. They also rolled up my dining room rug (and put it behind ta living room couch), and disposed of the pad. Then they put cork pads on the dining room chairs and table. And I had fun with the kids!

The hubster’s gradually moving to peeing full-time in Depends. They’re usually wet, but he goes in the toilet or wastebasket, too. And the shower.

I paid for extra aide time to have beach days with family. In fact, I have aide Shaina all day today so I can go to the farmer’s market and get some more shrimp, pulled pork, homemade tortellini, and fantastic produce (esp. peaches!).

I still haven’t found someone to come for an hour or 2 in late afternoon to get him to pee, change him, get him in bed, feed him dinner if necessary, maybe stay till he’s asleep. But the nurse came late on Friday and served that purpose.


It is certainly sounding better — not his condition, but its impact on you. And I’m very very glad and relieved to hear this!