And so it ends...

I’ve been coming to TMF for 20 years (just looked it up). I’ve had some great discussions here and met some actual friends (who I’ve actually me). Investment advice brought me here and then I found all sorts of other boards. When it started I couldn’t keep up. Some boards were massively prolific. Then I noticed some boards got more divisive then they got smaller. The format and number of active users kept dwindling. Huge vaults of knowledge kept getting smaller.

And now we are here, the boards are closing.

Thanks guys, it’s been good. It’s been helpful. And it’s been profitable.

Good luck to you all in the future.



Hi Simon,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your contributions over the years.

BTW, we’re only closing the free boards that aren’t related to investing, so you’ll still have access to the free investing boards.


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