Fasting IS LBYM... how so, you ask?

I received a notice that the posts about Fasting are “off topic” for LBYM, therefore that thread was deleted.

But. Fasting IS LBYM.
Let me explain.

When I’m NOT Fasting, I spend about $100 per week, maybe a bit more, for eating at home. I spend another $50 per week (depends… it could be $100 if it’s multuple “supper” meals) per week eating out.

I just finished a 6 day Fast, and am eating a restricted calorie couple days.
That means, this week, I’m NOT spending $100 for meals at home. Nor the $50 for restaurant meals.

I’m SAVING a couple hundred bucks this month.

IF (Intermittent Fasting; 16/8, 18/6) and 5:2 Fasting are similar - if there is “portion control”, and LC (Low Carb).

The less one eats, the lower the food bill.

Is that LBYM?



IAG asks “why?” was that thread deleted.

Perhaps because the link between Fasting and LBYM is not obvious? I hope it’s now more clear.

The OP was about 5:2 Fasting and “lifters” (people who lift weights for resistance training and physical health).

Perhaps the link between exercise (of what ever type) and LBYM is also clouded in mystery?

Exercise/physical activity is highly correlated to better health.

A major cause pf personal bankruptcy is unexpected, catastrophic medical bills.
A 2000 article: Medical bills account for 40% of bankruptcies

There are numerous attorneys who will assist a client to file for bankruptcy (BK) and avoid paying medical bills.

So, if exercise helps me stay healthy and avoid paying medical bills, is that LBYM?

Health is also a highly financially related topic.
Too bad the Health and Nutrition board was lost.



I was the second one to respond to your original post but was notified that my reply was deleted as well as the thread. So …

I budget $200/month for food and that includes eating out. Since mid-February I have been doing low-carb eating plus intermittent fasting (17/7) and have found that I usually have around $60+ extra each month. I do not skimp on the amount I eat but the fact that I eat low-carb has helped me be more satiated plus given me more energy. Having lost 35 pounds during the past 5 months has been the most I have ever lost and I will continue to eat this way. My weight loss isn’t fast but it is steady.

The $60+ each month gets added to the $200/month I put in my travel budget. I see that as helping me be ready to pay for any place I decide to go. In turn, I will not have to have monthly payments (with interest) on my credit card so that saves me more money. That is very LBYM.

P.S. - I sleep better since going low-carb so I no longer use
Melatonin and that saves me $$$ too!


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Thank you, so much, for wanting to rec it!

My message that replied to your post was deleted. I guess the gustafo (sp) are feeling their power and letting it go to their heads. Have a nice day. Still don’t understand why your’s got deleted. Seems to me if you fast you ain’t spending money on food therefore you are living below your means but I digress.

So, as you’ve witnessed, posts don’t have to violated any of TMF’s rules of usage to be removed.

Seems to me if you fast you ain’t spending money…

Indeed…but I could see a rationale for this to be non-congruent with the board’s philosophy. Not buying food…or soap…or toothpaste and dental floss…will mean that money stays in your pocket but, in no way, makes much of a worthwhile contribution to “living”. The original posts I made …and the contained link I reposted in this thread…had absolutely no relationship to the notion of simply not eating or spending.

Then why does Posh Spice eat so little? She has plenty of money available for buying food!


What one defines as “living” is quite subjective. Perhaps one eats less to “live” more/better through being less over weight or other result that could be considered improved health. Some people might need to eat less just so they can live at all, literally.

I couldn’t jog a couple of miles nonstop with my teenage sons, but now I can, and the improvement was partially due to eating less. That’s an improvement in “living” if you ask me.


Oh for sure …and not gaining weight in the first place is even better for health and well-being but I think you’ve grabbed onto a comment that was addressing an odd phenomenon that you probably aren’t aware of.

As you might surmise, there were a few posts pulled a while back along with a couple of threads allegedly for being off topic. They were a bit more focused on topics that weren’t quite of the apparent money saving variety as, say, washing ziploc bags…like maintaining muscle mass and strength as we age and, IIRC, intermittent fasting. I was pointing out that saving $$$bucks by not eating at all isn’t a feasible long term proposition

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Sharing athletic endeavors with your kids is definitely one of the things that makes Life worth living. Especially if you can keep it up.

My daughter and I trained concurrently but at a distance for the same handful of races while she was away at college. When she discovered multisport in vet school we’d do Mothers Day triathlon/duathlon season openers together. Now that she’s a mother herself and we’re living in the same town again, the next generation has been added to the rosta…first in a stroller and now joining in “For Real Life”.

I’ve slowed down a fair bit since those early races together but I’m speculating on whether running will keep me around for long enough to add yet another generation to the family team in years to come.