Another Strategy Bites the Dust! - While the RP Strategy is Being Employed

My recent strategy - The Ostrich Maneuver - not to be confused with any other even semi related maneuver, has not worked well reference portfolio enhancement nor portfolio defense. However, it did wonders for my blissful ignorance phase which pretty much was unintended flotsam from my recent extended and much needed travels.

For the record - given todays results the Portfolio is currently down 27.8% for the year.
As most astute/sharpie investors would quickly glean, this result falls firmly on the “Bad” side of the ledger - also known in sports circles as the right hand column. Looking around some - it could be worse and probably will be soon enough.

I have the exact same companies in the portfolio - I am pretty sure of this give or take a couple maybe perhaps - that I had before I left on vacation. And… since the hours and my head were mostly all confused most of the time I was gone and my research time dropped from about 4-5 hrs a day to about three brief 30 min or so check-ins on some days - I mostly decided to sit tight - transition to The Ostrich Maneuver - and play only TBs. Not Grand Slams at that but mostly bunts, singles and stolen bases.

Not sure where I go from here but am definitely playing catch-up. So I guess I’ll have to start from the beginning across all the various services I track and apply the my ratings formula which I was gonna call at the time it was developed…The Champico Performance Index - however, CPI was already taken by some other outfit and they were quite snooty when I told them they had to change. So I just went with My Rating Formula - which; as anyone with the least bit of IQ can tell - is not sexy enough to gain any traction. So there’s that to consider.

So I suppose thats what I will work on for this weekend and perhaps post the Top 25 sometime Sunday. Unless I find something else to do - and lets not forget that we are in the heat of the College Football season and the NCAAM has just cranked up… How Bout Them Tigers?

For now thats all I got except for the RP Strategy which began a few days before Halloween. When I finally figured out that Halloween was upon us I had to go buy a boatload of candy. A problem developed right away in that by the time I thunk it up all the candy was gone. So…I had to buy bags and bags of the good stuff: Reeses Pieces which soon developed into the RP Strategy which went like this: Every time the kids showed up I decided to eat one RP myself - which, led to a gain of about 3 pounds and what now appears to be a RP Strategy Addiction. Now…I could…I suppose…relate how the RP Strategy is now evolving into a fairly neat portfolio management tool but I will save that for later.

So thats where I am at: The market sucks - Life is Hard and I need a helmet.

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Yeah! What he said!
I made about $11k in the last several weeks with WhackaMole but this is rare/


Hey champ!
Good news is, if you play Ostrich Maneuver long enough, you probably won’t notice that you missed anything.

On glass-half-full side today, I did manage to make Cash increase as a % of my port today. Way to go, Cash! And I didn’t need to add any or anything…it just went up on it’s own. Cash is all grown up…big boy now.


I appreciate both MS and Champ eminding me once againabout trading blocks. Made a quick 9% on NET yesterday!

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…How about today?

Walked the dogs today


Today was one of the best portfolio days for a good long time and I took the opportunity to harvest some gains; although, they did not appear to be quite as robust as usual. Still - in this market a little profit is much better than no profit according to my calculations - which, I fully admit, are sometimes rife with complexities and mixed-bag perceptions that frequently present additional time constraints to t unravel and/or get fully bucked out.

And about that Top 25 for the weekend - well, I have reconsidered. I don’t think its all that healthy to just go all-in at immediately. I need to pace myself until I have recovered some acceptable percentage of my posting fitness - such as that might have ever been. So instead of a Top 25 I may narrow it down a bit to the Top 3. The immediate complication being “The Top 3 of what…exactly?” so right off the bat the complexities rifeness rears its complicated head - so to speak. So maybe I’ll limit myself to a couple of relief innings or a couple of layups. Or something similar to that. Maybe just warm up with something similar to this:

1). How About that DDOG?

or maybe

  1. S is ripe for investment - IF - its the security player I have imagined it to be.

5 - I envy your 11%. My recent short time gains in TBs have been rather puny in comparison.

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