January 2022 Starting Gate

All of the adjustment to the initial 2022 Roster have been made with the exception of two I am on the fence about - although, I did exit NET today. Probably a mistake. We’ll see.

Here is the opening 2022 Trading Season Roster:


  1. MNDY - Just edged out UPST for Franchise Player but I expect them to swap positions frequently. MNDY Develops/Offers a variety of Software Applications.


Current Stats:

Price: $301.21
Range: 155.01 - 450.00
About 33% Below its High
Market Cap: $13.1B +/-

Latest ER:


  1. UPST - Artificial Intelligence Lending Platform.


Current Stats:

Price: $144.66
Range: 28.05 - 401.49
About 64% Below its High
Market Cap: $11.7B +/-

Latest ER:


  1. ZS/CRWD - I consider the duo to be one starting position although I admit it seems to present something of a coaching allocation and balancing act. Together they represent high quality investments in cloud security.


Current Stats:

Price: $301.83
Range: 157.03 - 376.11
About 19.7% Below its High
Market Cap: $42B Give or Take

ZS latest ER:



Current Stats:

Price: $198.33
Range: 168.67 - 298.48
About 33.5% Below its High
Market Cap: $45.4B +/-

CRWD Latest ER:


  1. DDOG - Monitoring and Analytics Platform for Developers.


Current Stats:

Price: $163.83
Range: 69.73 - 199.68
About 18% Below its High
Market Cap: $51B Give or Take

DDOG Latest ER:


  1. ZI - “Provides a go-to-market intelligence and engagement platform”.


Current Stats:

Price: $61.46
Range: 37.86 - 79.17
About 22% Below its High
Market Cap: $24.8B +/-

ZI Latest ER:


How all that boils down from the basketball perspective:

Point: ZI

Shooting Guard: DDOG

Center: UPST

Power Forward: MNDY

Small Forward: ZS/CRWD

B) The Bench

  1. SNOW - If they just gain back what they’ve lost in the sell-off it will be a pretty good 2022 investment.

  2. SE - See SNOW above

  3. BILL - Not as firmly committed here but on paper it seems promising.

  4. GLBE - 2022 could be their time to shine.

How this figures into the roster:

SE, SNOW and BILL are all athletic and lengthy (Think High Growth and High Potential) and could fill a number of positions. MNDY is actually my backup for Center which would mean that one of three would slide over to Power Forward.

GLBE is a tweeter at both Point and the off guard position.

C) Scout Team

  1. AFRM - Waiting for the holiday ER report mega explosion. (Or the entire thing was a misfire) At any rate they are on a short term contract.

  2. DOCN - Rock solid player that has potential to move up to Bench level.

  3. CFLT - See #11 but with a longer term contract.

How do these companies fit into the lineup?

DOCN is a back up point while both AFRM and CFLT could be combo guards.

Note: Dependent upon AFRM’s performance in its very next ER probably determines if their contract is extended.

As I mentioned earlier, there are still two roster positions to be filled; however, I am on the fence and undecided about either at this time.

This post to be continued…